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These two figures of international renown in cultural management take part in a conversation framed within the online programming of FACYL 2021 on Monday 8th February

The primordial fire has been replaced by Artificial Intelligence” is the title of the first conversation organised as part of the online programme of FACYL 2021. The aim is to make FACYL a permanent festival in time, with activity throughout the year, especially through online channels. Castilla y León’s International Arts and Culture Festival, organised by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León, will be held in Salamanca from 5th to 10th October 2021. 

Two important figures of great prestige in the international panorama of cultural management, such as the expert in cultural cooperation Fernando Vicario and Professor Teixeira Coelho, star in an interesting conversation, framed within the online programme of FACYL, which will celebrate its seventeenth edition, in person, from 5th to 10th October 2021 in Salamanca. Through this first conversation, the programming of the new edition of FACYL starts by boosting its online presence with its channel #FACYLTV to provide the festival with content and continuity throughout the year. 

The first event is a conversation entitled “The primordial fire has been replaced by Artificial Intelligence”, a session that will feature the participation of Fernando Vicario, an expert in cultural cooperation and author of numerous publications on culture, responsible for many of the initiatives for the articulation of cultural policies between Spain and Latin America and current advisor to the OEI in Colombia. He will be joined by Professor Teixeira Coelho, one Brazil’s intellectuals with the longest career and most contemporary way of thinking in the country and throughout the whole American subcontinent, author of, among many texts, the indispensable Diccionario Crítico de Políticas Culturales (Critical Dictionary of Cultural Policies). 

A conversation that results in a dense and friendly provocation around a reality that is all too often absent in the sector’s debates: is there any room left for cultural institutions and policies after the arrival of Artificial Intelligence? From this perspective, and bearing in mind the three qualities that distinguish the human community from the rest of living beings: doing, thinking logically and feeling emotions, we must bear in mind that artificial intelligence can already develop the first two, leaving only the third as identity’s main refuge. Culture as a consumer product is already being governed by the combination of systems and applications that access the universe of ‘big data’, and its production, distribution and consumption will be increasingly directed by them, calling into question the very strategies and role of states, institutions and cultural organisations in this field. From this perspective, the possibility arises that someone will have to defend diversity, cultural rights and innovative creation. A challenge that can be made from the ambition of the great and from the closeness of the everyday. 

You can watch the conversation here. 

Year-round cultural programming 

FACYL is committed to contemporary cultural creation and aims to offer a complete programme on #FACYLTV throughout the year. The festival will offer a completely online programme through its YouTube channel, created exclusively to provide free online access to events, which will include numerous international creators, artists, stage directors and cultural managers whose mission is to disseminate the contemporary creation that is currently being created, both nationally and internationally. An online programme that is already gearing up for the on-site part of Castilla y León’s International Art and Culture Festival, whose seventeenth edition is scheduled to be held in Salamanca from the 5th to 10th of October 2021. 

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