FACYL commits to contemporary creation and offers a year-round complete programme on #FACYLTV


Throughout the year, FACYL will be offering a completely online programme allowing you to join an active cultural community.

It will consist of an intense programme, which will be shared every week on its youtube channel, created exclusively to be enjoyed online. Being completely free, it will count on the participation of numerous international creators, artists, stage directors and cultural managers to bring you the contemporary creation that is taking place both in our country and thousands of kilometres away.

We will take another look at some of the best conversations that took place during the last festival that are still relevant today, and we will also share new dialogues with creators and managers from all over the world.

Starting today, Tuesday 3 November, you can already watch the conversation ‘A million things to do‘, a very interesting dialogue between creator Laurie Anderson and journalist Fietta Jarque. In this conversation, Jarque speaks to multimedia artist Laurie Anderson about her work, the key to her constant creative search in recent decades and the state of the arts and contemporary culture in this time of technological mutation.

You can watch it here

From Monday 9 November you will be able to access the conversation ‘Libraries: where you learn to read and understand the world‘ between Anthony Marx, Alicia Sellés and Luz Estela Peña Gallego.

And from Monday 9 November you will be able to access the conversation ‘Libraries: where you learn to read and understand the world‘ between Anthony Marx, Alicia Sellés and Luz Estela Peña Gallego. Libraries are now poised to continue the accelerated process of technological and functional changes that have already transformed their role in the community in many places. In this conversation, Anthony Marx, Director of the New York Public Library; Alicia Sellés, President of the Spanish Federation of Archival, Library and Documentation Societies  (Federación Española de Sociedades de Archivística, Biblioteconomía y Documentación – FESABID); and Luz Estela Peña Gallego, leader of the Medellín Public Library System Project (Proyecto Sistema de Bibliotecas Públicas), address the vital role of basic, universal cultural outreach institutions: libraries. Physical and virtual outreach spaces as centres of social transformation, places of meeting and collaboration, in addition to their essential function of universal access to reading, culture and knowledge.

You can see this conversation here

Check out the rest of the #FACYLT programme here

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