Gonzalo Borondo, crossing the limits


Gonzalo Borondo connects his work with his own physical and psychological contexts and is guided by his desire to understand the human being in its most symbolic complexities. His works break the limit of what is imposed by the inertia of a place while respecting it and paying tribute to its legacy. Likewise, his language is formed by human contradictions through the symbiosis of opposing images. 

At only 30 years of age, he has exhibited in cities across the peninsula and in European capitals such as Paris and London. He also has murals across the globe, in places like Kyiv, Lisbon, Milan, Barcelona, Honolulu, New Delhi, Copenhagen, Atlanta, Rome, Istanbul, Madrid and Las Vegas, among many others. 

Today, he has inaugurated this special edition of FACYL with his spectacular installation Non Plus Ultra. In this sculptural work, the dialogue of the transparent elements with the space and the users to create a complete experience, a sensation… playing with the limits of space. 

As Borondo himself says, these are “limits that you could break, cross, choosing to take a risk. Breaking the limits is scary. We live in fear of going beyond the limit, always accompanied by the feeling of uncertainty. But I believe that the artist within a society plays precisely this role, transgressing the limits imposed by the rules”.  

You can visit this installation from today until the 31st of October at La Salina Palace. We have extended the closing time to 10 p.m. so that you can also visit it at night. We recommend that you visit at different times since it transforms and generates different feelings depending on the day’s lighting. Let’s see how far your limits go… 

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