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FACYL, the Festival de las Artes y la Cultura de Castilla y León, offers you an intense online programme created exclusively to be enjoyed online, with free access and simultaneous translation, which will include the participation of numerous international creators, artists, stage directors and cultural managers to bring you the contemporary creation that is taking place both in our country and thousands of kilometres away. 

From participating in dialogues and conversations with artists, creators and professionals from the world of culture to watching online and live performances, films or attending masterclasses… a complete programme for you to join an active community and soak up ideas, talent and, above all, a lot of creativity. 

Big names such as North American creator and singer Laurie Anderson, Spanish artist Concha Jerez, assistant director-general of UNESCO and former Chilean Minister of Culture Ernesto Ottone, composer Steve Reich (one of the pioneering artists of minimalism), Schaubühne director Thomas Ostermeier, Art Institute of the Basel Academy of Art and Design director Chus Martínez, European Festivals Association director Kathrin Deventer, British theatre director Katie Mitchell, patron of the García Márquez Foundation Germán Rey, multimedia artist Meredith Monk, playwright Milo Rau and choreographer Siobhan Davies, among other creators and reference mediators, will accompany us on this trip around the world.  

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