Hara Alonso + Alba G. Corral

Spectacles Music

Thursday 7 , October
7:00 PM


Teatro Liceo

Free entrance

Pianist and composer Hara Alonso explores her musical work in the field of new technologies and multimedia. Her latest album, ‘Somatic Suspension’, is the result of a meditative process of introspection and listening, in which she translates various physical experiences into sound. The result is a dance of intimate melodies, minimal electronics and textural processes that conjure up the memory of an uncertain future. 

In this concert she is accompanied by Alba G. Corral, visual artist and generative code and software programmer, known for her collaborations in live audiovisual performances in which she integrates coding and drawing in real time.

Hara Alonso

Hara Alonso is a pianist and composer. Her musical work unfolds in the field of new technologies and multimedia. She initiated the experimental composition project The City Composing and is composer in residence in the project “Los Sonidos de la Escuela
Rural” (The Sounds of Rural School) of the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia in León (Spain).

Her first album “Pianoïse” for piano and electronics, edited by Keroxen, was released in 2018. In 2019 she published the album “Islas Sonoras” within the CAAMSonora sound art series. In 2020 she collaborated on the album Heaven’s Great Dome | Discourse on Deconstruction together with musician Moljebka Pvlse on the Swedish label Reverse Alignment. In 2021 she has released her new album Somatic Suspension on the Eotrax label. Her work has been presented at multiple festivals, Sound of Stockholm (Sweden), Biennale de Musique en Scène (Lyon, France), S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Experimental Sound Gallery (Saint Petersburg, Russia) or Keroxen Festival (Tenerife, Spain).

She currently works as a freelance artist in a number of dance, circus and educational projects. She is a sound designer in the artistic research project “Circus and Music in dialogue” at the Stockholm University of the Arts. She teaches music programming classes at the Royal
College of Music in Stockholm and is artist-in-residence at EMS Elektronmusikstudion studios.


Alba G. Corral

Based in Catalonia (Sant Carles de la Ràpita) she is a visual artist, code developer and teacher. Trained as a computer engineer, she has been creating art using software for the last decade. Her practice spans across live, video, digital media and installation. She explores abstract narratives through different artistic practices. Her name has gained notoriety through her live audio-visual performances where she integrates coding and processing, in collaboration with musicians in real time.

In the framework of teaching, she teaches visual programming focused on designers and artists in different spaces, in talks, seminars and workshops dedicated to creative coding with open source software tools (processing).


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