Tydal Cycles Workshop with Hara Alonso


Wednesday 6 , October
10:30 AM


Conservatorio Superior de Música de Castilla y León

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Tidal Cycles is a language for composing sequences of sounds, notes and parameters in polyphonic, polyrhythmic or generative form. It includes simple and flexible notation to create rhythmic sequences and an extensive library of paterns functions to combine and transform them. This allows you to quickly create complex patterns from simple elements. It is an open source program designed in Haskell that uses Supercollider for sound generation. It is also possible to send Open Sound Control (OSC) or MIDI outputs. 

Tidal is a tool that allows you to create all the musical aesthetics, it is possible to compose from minimal techno to sound art, mix sounds of acoustic instruments, create textures or ambient music.

To whom:

To anyone interested in the world of music creation, Tidal is a simple and accessible program for people who have not worked with electronic music before.


Each participant has to bring their own headphones and their computer with the program installed. All information on how to install it here. Sound cards and microphones are recommended but not essential.

Aspects to be addressed in the workshop:

  • Introduction to live coding.
  • Haskell syntax.
  • Tempo and sequencing.
  • Simple patterns. Types of patterns.
  • Euclidean rhythms. Simple sample sequences.
  • Customize your sound in Tidal Cycles.
  • Modify sequences with functions.
  • Improvisation strategies live.

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Sold out

Hara Alonso

Hara Alonso is a pianist and composer. Her musical work is developed in the field of new technologies and multimedia. She is the initiator of the experimental composition project The City Composing and composer in residence in the project “Los Sonidos de la Escuela Rural” of the Fundación Cerezales Antonino y Cinia in León (Spain).

During 2018 he released her first album “Pianoïse” for piano and electronics, edited by Keroxen. In 2019 she released the album “Islas Sonoras” within the sound art cycle CAAMSonora. In 2020 he collaborated on the album Heaven’s Great Dome | Discourse on Deconstruction together with musician Moljebka Pvlse on the Swedish label Reverse Alignment. In 2021 he released her new album Somatic Suspension on the Eotrax label. Her work has been presented at multiple festivals, Sound of Stockholm (Sweden), Biennale de Musique en Scène (Lyon, France), S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival (Hamburg, Germany), Experimental Sound Gallery (St.Petersburg, Russia) or Keroxen Festival (Tenerife, Spain).

She currently works as a freelance artist in various dance, circus and pedagogical projects. She is a sound designer in the artistic research project “Circus and Music in dialogue” at the Stockholm University of Arts. He teaches music programming at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and is a resident artist at EMS Elektronmusikstudion Studios.