Masterclass Edurne Rubio


Friday 8, October
11:00 AM


A masterclass where Edurne Rubio talks about his work through how to build a collective narrative in order to reflect on social and political contexts from individual stories and related to the daily; inhabited and traveled territories, places that function as a link between the past and the future, between affections and written history and artistic propositions that navigate through different formats. From research to public presentation.

Edurne Rubio

Visual artist, the practice of Edurne Rubio oscillates between different formats and contexts: performances, videos, sound projects, etc. She creates situations in which there is a tension between what we see and what we do not see, between the perception of the present and memory or imagination.

With a work close to the documentary, she is interested in the relationship between the individual story and the creation of a collective narrative, often using as matter the relationship of the human with the architecture and the territory that inhabits. Her work has been shown in theaters, documentary festivals and exhibitions in Europe and Latin America.

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