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Alba G. Corral + Daniel Canogar

Creative codes Daniel Canogar, in whose work memory and its loss are the central themes, uses objects already obsolete, which portray what we have been, to create new works that activate the collective memory and project it into the present and the future, conquering buildings and public spaces with the widest participation of those who […]

Jesús Prieto de Pedro + Marta Peirano

No (digital) rights One of the most recognized specialists in Culture Law in the world and a journalist specialized in free culture, robots, security and privacy, Internet rights and cryptography for journalists will talk about the complex and pressing panorama that the indeterminacy of the rights that should assist us all in the digital media […]

Juan Luis Arsuaga + Yayo Herrero + Brenda Chávez

Culture, science and technology for a sustainable society From two approaches as complementary as that of a philosopher, professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Anthropologist and author of works such as Ecofeminismo para un mundo posible (2011) and Claves Ecofeministas. Para rebeldes que aman a la Tierra y a los animales (2019) and that of […]

Mari Luz Congosto + Mario García de Castro + Carlos Alberto Scolari

A new communication for a new culture: culture before the end of the mass media. Mario García de Castro, Carlos Alberto Scolari and Mari Luz Congosto will discuss the new information ecosystem and the possible end of traditional media. ICTs have transformed not only the most cultural structures of our society, but also our own […]

Rodrigo Cuevas + Juana Escudero

Plowing, cultivating and creating by exploring limits. Tradition, memory, ancestral knowledge, our infinite immaterial heritage, largely preserved and transmitted generation after generation in the rural world, are an inexhaustible source of creation and innovation. The knowledge, languages and ways of doing and expressing our history are the mass and ferment of a vanguard that moves, […]

Masterclass Edurne Rubio

A masterclass where Edurne Rubio talks about his work through how to build a collective narrative in order to reflect on social and political contexts from individual stories and related to the daily; inhabited and traveled territories, places that function as a link between the past and the future, between affections and written history and […]

Tydal Cycles Workshop with Hara Alonso

Tidal Cycles is a language for composing sequences of sounds, notes and parameters in polyphonic, polyrhythmic or generative form. It includes simple and flexible notation to create rhythmic sequences and an extensive library of paterns functions to combine and transform them. This allows you to quickly create complex patterns from simple elements. It is an […]

Hybrid project Ars Electronica

The Castilla y León Arts and Culture Festival wants to present each year, as part of its activities, an international success story that makes visible the role of festivals in the cultural life of cities in the world.  And we have chosen, as our first guest, the largest and most influential of contemporary creative festivals; […]

A Filetta

A Filetta’s music is a journey. One could say that it is a challenging, daring and contemporary vocal and polyphonic proposal, although it comes from powerful oral tradition. The repertoire of this vocal sextet is a faithful reflection of what has been, since the beginning of the 1980s, its “journey”: a trajectory that outlines a […]


Iban Urizar is the man behind one of the most pleasant and exciting surprises in recent times: a collection of five songs representing the outstanding launch of his project Amorante. The ethnomusicologist from Guipuzcoa, a multi-instrumentalist forged in many different projects, takes a step forward and joins the refreshing front of artists willing to shed […]

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