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Bringing disciplines together. Getting out of the comfort zone.

In this conversation, we will be looking at the conditions, applications and limitations of multidisciplinarity in contemporary knowledge production and cultural innovation. There has been much debate about this term over the last 20 years in the world of art, craft and science, in connection with all kinds of economic forces. Almost every attempt at “progressivism” gives the feeling that it must be conceived around this ominous notion. 

It seems to hold the key to a different kind of knowledge, something society urgently needed and needs, a distinguished atmosphere of pleasant learning, mutual understanding, teaching, and more creative forms of production. The acclaimed emerging mindset of our time is grounded in this field of shared techniques, experiences and emotions. 

Thus, for many cultural entrepreneurs, innovation lies entirely in this ongoing process, while, at the same time, we observe the rapid unbridled dissolution of social structures through the loss of their basic conditions, such as solidarity and empathy, and the unrestricted growth and promotion of the ego that is posited as “individuality”. 

It’s a matter of fact: good music has been multidisciplinary for hundreds of years and has been the joint product of musicians, instrument makers, composers, scientists and society. Historically, it has not been a process of smooth transitions and collective happiness as such. Furthermore, many of the “new” or “groundbreaking” works caused scandal, disbelief, or severe rejection, and involved “creative people,” as some would later call them, stepping out of their comfort zone. 

In this sense, the conditions and effects of this field of “multidisciplinarity” may be very different from what we proclaim as a mantra: may it be unhealthy, may it be disruptive and unpredictable, and may it hurt? We can only investigate the implications of this contemporary master keyword by asking those who practice it about their experiences, strategies, experiments and fear of losing.

Reinhold Friedl, musician and composer.
Verena Lercher, actress.
Gerriet K. Sharma, sound artist and composer.
Denzel Russell, artist.

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