Kathrin Deventer + Maria Lladó


Against festivalisation.
Past and future of festivals.

The proliferation of festivals in cultural programmes, often linked to tourism policies and the attraction of large audiences, has turned these events into a source of controversy. But there are already many cases of initiatives that want to give these events back their character and meaning within the framework of a sustainable culture. Two exceptional experts on the current state of affairs talk about their present and future.

Kathrin Deventer, Secretary-General of the European Festivals Association.
Maria Lladó, Music Coordinator of the Institut Ramon Llull.

Kathrin Deventer

Co-founder and member of the European House of Culture board, an EFA initiative, member of the “A Soul for Europe” Strategy Group, and co-initiator and board member of The Festival Academy (TFA). She also launched, along with EFA, a new programme for art festivals, the EFFE – Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe, including FestivalFinder.eu. She was also been a member of the Culture Committee of the EU project “New Narrative for Europe”. She has a special interest in culture and its role in civil society participation and all issues related to the recognition of the importance of culture in society. She believes in a cultural Europe that emerges from the responsibilities and interactions between people and organisations from all sectors of society. 

Maria Lladó

Graduated in Humanities, Performing Arts and Music Management. Maria Lladó was a music delegate for the Balearic Government in 2000-2004. Over the past 20 years, she has developed her professional experience in public policies of institutional music, which have focused on programmes for the international promotion of Catalan music, and as a musical consultant for music festivals. She currently coordinates the music department at Institut Ramon Llull, a public institution dedicated to the internationalisation and promotion of Catalan culture. 

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