Juan Luis Arsuaga + Yayo Herrero + Brenda Chávez


Culture, science and technology for a sustainable society

From two approaches as complementary as that of a philosopher, professor of Moral Philosophy and Political Anthropologist and author of works such as Ecofeminismo para un mundo posible (2011) and Claves Ecofeministas. Para rebeldes que aman a la Tierra y a los animales (2019) and that of a Doctor of Biological Sciences and professor of Paleontology, director of the UCM-ISCIII Center for Human Evolution and Behavior and professor of the Department of Anthropology at the University College of London, proposes a conversation in which to shed light on our ways of life from the knowledge of the vital role that culture, science and technology play in the necessary and urgent global change, by the hand of Brenda Chávez, jurist, journalist and researcher specializing in consumption, sustainability and culture.

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