Franco Bianchini + Arjo Klamer


The value of culture: beyond money.

At a time when many organisations and professionals are still trying to demonstrate that the social importance of culture is linked to its weight in the global and local economy, other possible views bring us closer to the meaning of cultural policies as generators of community cultural capital, hardly subject to a defence linked only to its value as a commodity. 

Arjo Klamer, Professor of the Economy of Culture. Erasmus University (Rotterdam).
Franco Bianchini, Professor of Cultural Policy and Director of the Institute for Research in Culture and Cultural Industries, University of Hull, UK. 

Franco Bianchini

Bianchini is a Professor of Cultural Policy and Planning at Leeds Beckett University. From 1992 to 2007 he was a lecturer in Cultural Policy and Planning as well as Course Director of the Master’s in European Cultural Planning at De Montfort University, Leicester. He is also a member of the Board of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation in Milan. 

His books include Urban Mindscapes of Europe (co-edited by Godela Weiss-Sussex, Rodopi, 2006), Planning for the Intercultural City (with Jude Bloomfield, Comedia, 2004), Culture and Neighbourhoods: A Comparative Report (with L Ghilardi Santacatterina, Council of Europe, 1997), The Creative City (with Charles Landry, Demos, 1995) and Cultural Policy and Urban Regeneration: The West European Experience (co-editor, with Michael Parkinson, Manchester University Press, 1993). 

He has been and is a member of numerous juries and international cultural projects. His research interests include the role of culture in urban regeneration (with a particular focus on port cities and European cities/capitals of culture); cultural diversity and interculturality as resources for innovation in urban policy; and the development of urban cultural strategies in Europe in the context of the current political, economic and environmental crisis. 

Arjo Klamer

Arjo Klamer is Professor of Cultural Economics at Erasmus University. Along with others, he has developed a values-based approach to do justice to the contributions of artists and cultural institutions. His recent book Doing The Right Thing (2017, Ubiquitypress) details the basic principles of the values-based approach. He has been president of the International Association for Cultural Economics and is involved in several cultural projects.

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