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Alessandro Serra – Macbettu

Alessandro Serra, one of the most personal directors on the Italian stage, transposes Shakespeare’s Macbeth to the Sardinian language and culture, and delivers an all-male performance in the purest Elizabethan tradition. The play was considered Best Italian Production 2017 (UBU Award and National Critics’ Prize), catapulted him internationally and has been touring continuously ever since. […]

Arkadi Zaides – Necropolis

Arkadi Zaides’ latest creation NECROPOLIS raises ethical questions regarding the tragic deaths of refugees and migrants who lost their lives in an attempt to reach Europe. This research-based project delves into the practice of forensics to conceive a new virtual database documenting the remains of those whose death is to this day mostly unacknowledged. By […]

Cristiana Morganti – Jessica and Me

Do you want me to dance, or do you want me to talk? Behind the question that Cristiana Morganti puts to her  audience lies the key to understanding Jessica an Me. In this piece, the long-standing soloist of the Pina Baush Tanztheater of Wuppertal has reached a crucial moment in her professional development and is […]

Edurne Rubio – Light Years Away

During the 1950s and 1970s, my father and his two brothers were part of the Edelweiss Speleological Group. In 1956 Edelweiss began exploring Ojo Guareña, one of the largest caves in Europe, in the north of Burgos. Guided by spelunkers, LIGHT YEARS AWAY is a voyage through the darkness of theatre, a journey where everything […]

Euripides Laskaridis & OSMOSIS – RELIC

In a makeshift room, decorated in a haphazard DIY fashion, a performer puts his notably awkwardly shaped body under the magnifying glass. Magic comes from the mundane and references to cabaret, vaudeville and slapstick abound.  Greek artist Euripides Laskaridis is preoccupied by ideas about transformation and ridicule. By testing the limits of our acceptance of […]

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