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A Filetta

A Filetta’s music is a journey. One could say that it is a challenging, daring and contemporary vocal and polyphonic proposal, although it comes from powerful oral tradition. The repertoire of this vocal sextet is a faithful reflection of what has been, since the beginning of the 1980s, its “journey”: a trajectory that outlines a […]


Iban Urizar is the man behind one of the most pleasant and exciting surprises in recent times: a collection of five songs representing the outstanding launch of his project Amorante. The ethnomusicologist from Guipuzcoa, a multi-instrumentalist forged in many different projects, takes a step forward and joins the refreshing front of artists willing to shed […]

Rodrigo Cuevas: BARBIÁN, de Fernando Carmena

Between Madrid and Berlin, between the kitchen garden and the cabaret, between the traditional and the cosmopolitan, Barbiàn proposes an unorthodox journey through a genre that is no less unorthodox. The zarzuela, a form of Spanish musical theatre, takes its name from a royal residence but soon links its history to the streets, theatres and […]

Chassol – Ludi

Ludi is a musical movie written and composed by Christophe Chassol, inspired by Hermann Hesse’s novel The Glass Bead Game, also published as Magister Ludi. The film presents several gaming situations put into music with the Ultrascore method, Chassol’s “signature”. Through Ludi, Chassol brings us from a school playground to Japan’s arcade games, from a […]

Hara Alonso + Alba G. Corral

Pianist and composer Hara Alonso explores her musical work in the field of new technologies and multimedia. Her latest album, ‘Somatic Suspension’, is the result of a meditative process of introspection and listening, in which she translates various physical experiences into sound. The result is a dance of intimate melodies, minimal electronics and textural processes […]

Maria Arnal i Marcel Bagés – Clamor

After closing the series of previews of their new album with a sold-out double bill in Madrid, Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés kicked off the tour of CLAMOR (Fina Estampa, 2021) on the same day of its release -5 March- with an unforgettable performance at the Prado Museum in front of The Garden of Earthly […]

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